Luxe Global will Source your Product in China and Bring it to Your Door

Time and time again, we see North American business owners in precarious situations, hitting a brick wall and losing momentum because they are unable to efficiently source quality manufactured products from China or other parts of Asia. Whether you are manufacturing your own product or finding suppliers to buy wholesale from, the process may prove difficult if done on your own. This is especially true since China’s new Ministry of the Environment enacted new laws to crack down on factories that are being environmentally irresponsible, which has substantially raised prices on goods being imported from the region.

In this post, we share the 4 important components to our service that help us source and/or manufacture products from Chinese or Asian suppliers and avoid unexpected curve balls imposed by factories:

1. We Have Representatives in China and Parts of Asia Sourcing Exclusively for Luxe Global

We do the heavy lifting for you. We send out Requests for Proposal (RFP) to factories we are already acquainted with. We then assess which factory or supplier is the best fit for your company’s product. We are tenacious in our scoping of your product and sourcing requirements and then engage the factory of choice in China or Asia upon meeting all criteria. Our crucial advantage is we have been dealing with factories and manufacturers in China and throughout Asia for over 25 years. We have dedicated representatives working exclusively for Luxe Global communicating directly with the factories in person and without any language barrier.

2. We Negotiate with the Factories and Suppliers for You

There is more to negotiations than the final price that our clients pay. When we say we will negotiate, we mean expecting top quality manufacturing, fair payment terms, set delivery times, the length of relationship term and the process for changing the terms of a contract. Successfully combining our negotiating experience in the region with product knowledge and a thorough and honest approach, allows us to deliver outstanding results for all sourcing or manufacturing projects.

We know that it’s not always about negotiating the least expensive price. Every supplier or factory has a “price floor”; a price that the factory can’t go below or it will lose money. If you tug on the elbow of a factory or supplier and force them to go below their price floor, this will lead to negative effects, delays and sub-quality manufacturing. The primary goal when negotiating with suppliers is to build a long lasting win-win relationship.

3. We Obtain Product Samples in Advance to Ensure Quality

When dealing with manufacturers and factories in China and throughout Asia, even when you we provide detailed specifications, there is no guarantee that you will receive the product as requested and with all specifications. We find that the most efficient way to mitigate this risk is to request product samples in advance of the order being shipped and include this in the terms of the Agreement with the factory or manufacturer. This is an important step in the offshore sourcing of products in China or throughout Asia.

4.We Continuously Monitor the Offshore Outsourcing Process for Quality Control Purposes

Continuous and rigorous quality control is critical to the success of your offshore outsourcing and manufacturing process. We realize that problems may occur along the way, but we try to avoid them by negotiating clear and enforceable terms of agreement. Further, we have dedicated representatives working directly for Luxe Global in China and throughout Asia to personally accompany the manufacturing or sourcing process. If a problem arises during the manufacturing process the Luxe Global team works quickly to resolve it with the overseas supplier. Given our 25 years of experience dealing with overseas manufacturing we tend to deal mainly with factories that we have used in the past and that we are familiar with.
When you work with Luxe Global you are working with an agency that takes care of every little detail for your outsourcing project, from start to finish. During our first meeting we will have the opportunity to get to know one another. We will listen to your needs and product requirements and we want you to feel comfortable in asking us questions as well. We will use that information to help us source the best supplier/factory in China or Asia for your product and have it shipped straight to your address of choice in North America or around the world. Our objective is for you to rest easy knowing that Luxe Global will do everything from A-Z.

About Luxe Global:

Luxe Global understands the entire sourcing process. We have been sourcing products in China and throughout Asia for our North American clients for over 25 years. We also have talented people in China and India as well as other countries in Asia working exclusively for Luxe Global. This allows us to offer a customer experience that is second to none. Since we have been sourcing products in Asia for so long and for such a large variety of clients, we can virtually source any type of product and are not limited to any specific industry. We have sourced products for companies such as Tim Horton’s, Walmart, Staples and Home Depot and many more, so we know the ropes. However, we also source products for small operations and projects. Contact us today at this link and get started with your project today:

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